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At Coder Kids we offer more than four dozen on-demand Coding and Robotics courses for beginner through advanced coders grades K - 8. Two of our latest courses are Minecraft Mod in Python and Mobile Apps.   


Our Philosophy- Your Own Code at Your Own Pace


Tutor-guided, self-paced courses with a 1:4 Tutor to Coder Kids ratio ensure your Coder Kids achieve their goals


Over two dozen Coder Kids Coding and Robotics courses are available on-demand

In creating apps, games and websites with their own code and at their own pace, Coder Kids learn strategies for analyzing, designing, and collaborating — essential skills for the 21st century. 


Coder Kids courses combine our tutor-guided, self-paced curriculum with collaborative group learning sessions. Our 1:4 Tutor to Coder Kid ratio ensures your Coder Kid receives the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals. Self-pacing enables your Coder Kids to take time to explore topics that interest them most and ensure they have achieved skill mastery before moving on to other lessons.  


At Coder Kids we take pride in our cutting edge curriculum that stays abreast of changes in technology so that your Coder Kid is engaged with fresh challenges. We have over two dozen courses to choose from and every month Coder Don and his team of Coder Kids Product Engineers add more courses to the Coder Kids course catalogue. At Coder Kids our courses are always available on-demand. The flexibility of on-demand means that your Coder Kids can start their courses whenever they are ready and never have to wait for their favorite courses to be offered- we are always ready for their next challenge. On-demand also provides your family flexibility so that whether your Coder Kids attend the studio one, two or three times a week they never miss any of their lessons. 


Coder Kids Achievement Conferences provide detailed reports on your Coder Kids achievements

Coder Kids is oriented on achievement and learning practical skills. We include as part of the membership in the Coder Kids Community a periodic Coder Kids Achievement Conference every two months for a 15-20 minute update on your Coder Kids. At the Coder Kids Achievement Conferences we provide you Coder Kids Achievement Reports detailing the course objectives your Coder Kids have achieved and how these Coder Kids course objectives map to the Computer Science Teachers Association K-12 Computer Science Standards. Coder Kids Achievement Reports are also useful references for teachers and guidance counselors in understanding your Coder Kid's coding knowledge and abilities. In addition to the Achievement Conferences, we are always available at the studio if you ever want to stop by to chat about how we can help your Coder Kid.