Cecilia Transitions into a New Advisory Role

Cecilia Transitions into a New Advisory Role


With growth comes change and here at Coder Kids we have been going through some exciting transitions. Recently, Cecilia Ramirez, one of our founders has moved into an advisory role. Cecilia assisted in creating Coder Kids to address the growing need for children to learn the key 21st-century skills of coding and creative problem solving with technology.

Designed for families who require flexibility, Coder Kids provides a fun and unique way for kids to learn about computer science. In their self-paced classes Coder Kids can learn from over 4 dozen courses from photography to robotics.

The New Advisory Role

This new role does not necessitate a change in title, as she will continue to be a founder of the company. But, she will be in charge of two of our new managers. Gaida, who manages the Coder Kids Studio and Katie, who manages the Coder Kids Enrichment Programs.

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In addition to advising the managers, she will also focus on strategic partnerships, including corporate partners and community service partners. Allowing Coder Kids to continue establishing a presence in the community and growing through other organizations.

This new role will continue to facilitate her goal of growing the Coder Kids community and bringing technology education to more children throughout the US and internationally.

This transition will further facilitate the mission and goal of Coder Kids β€œto provide an experience that far exceeds playing video games or taking one-time or short-term courses.”

For the next few months, she will be in Chile with her family.