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Coder Kids Summer Camp
✔  Over four dozen on-demand courses
✔  Inspiring bespoke studio with Apple iMacs
✔  1:4 Tutor-Coder Kids ratio
✔  Flexible scheduling
✔  Superior value: $399 members | $429 non-members for one week ( Early Bird price until May 31)

Summer Camp at Coder Kids means coding & robotics combined with one of two camp experiences you choose to best fit your Coder Kid.

Choose between camp experiences Coding & Humanities or Coding & Sports.

In addition to our weekly Coding & Humanities and Coding & Sports camp experiences, Coder Kids also offers our new A.P. Computer Science Prep, the capstone course at Coder Kids. Offered as an 8-week Summer Camp intensive program, A.P. Computer Science Prep prepares advanced Coder Kids grades 7 and higher for successful mastery of their high school A.P. Computer Science course.


Over four hours daily coding and robotics for beginner to advanced coders, with a 1:4 Tutor ratio

Our tutor-guided, self-paced curriculum includes over four dozen on-demand courses

In Coding & Sports, Coder Kids engage in team sports like soccer, flag football and ultimate frisbee, or individual activities like jogging and yoga

In Coding & Humanities, Coder Kids learn & play chess, learn to type, immerse in creative writing, participate in Coder Kids book club, and pursue individual reading

Coder Kids Summer Campers achieve by creating apps &
games with their own code, at their own pace

In creating games, apps and websites with their own code and at their own pace, Coder Kids learn strategies for analyzing, designing, and collaborating — essential skills for the 21st century.

Coder Kids Summer Camp combines our tutor-guided, self-paced curriculum with collaborative group learning sessions. Our course modules are designed to be completed in about 8 hours, or two camp days. After the completion of a course module, your Coder Kid can choose to continue with the follow-on course module in the course series, or elect to try new challenge.

At Coder Kids we are oriented on achievement and learning practical skills. After each week of camp we will provide you a Coder Kids Achievement Report, which details the course objectives your Coder Kid has achieved and how these map to the Computer Science Teachers Association K-12 Computer Science Standards. Coder Kids Achievement Reports are useful references for educators and counselors in understanding your Coder Kid's coding knowledge and technical skills.

Coder Kids Summer Camp provides flexibility to suit the busy schedules of families today. We offer weekly as well as half-day, single-, two-, three- and four-day camps. We offer late pickup until 6pm.

At Coder Kids we take pride in our cutting edge curriculum that stays abreast of changes in technology so that your Coder Kid is engaged with fresh challenges. Our course catalog currently offers over four dozen on-demand courses for beginner to advanced coders.

Coder Kids offers superior value. Through May 31 we will offer one week of Coding & Sports Camp or Coding & Humanities Camp at $399 for our studio members and $429 for non-members. For siblings we offer a 10% discount. We offer studio member pricing for non-members who attend for multiple weeks.

If you have any questions or would like to visit the studio to design a camp experience for your Coder Kid, please contact Cecilia at 703 559 3835 or hello@coder-kids.com.