Find reliable, trusted rides to Coder Kids with Pogo

What is Pogo?
Pogo is a free app that enables groups like the Coder Kids Community to help each other share rides.

Within the Coder Kids Community on Pogo, parents can:

  • Share a weekly Coder Kids schedule
  • Find matches with nearby parents with similar schedules
  • Send and receive messages from other parents via in-app messaging

How it works

  • Contact us at the studio for the Coder Kids Pogo code
  • Download the Pogo app on your phone or tablet (iOS or Android)
  • In the app, tap "Connections" and type "Coder Kids"
  • Enter the required info and the Coder Kids code as prompted
  • Get started sharing rides to Coder Kids

More information
For more information check out the Pogo FAQ
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