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Coder Kids Achievement Philosophy

Our Philosophy- Coder Kids Create Their Own Code at Their Own Pace


Tutor-guided and self-paced courses with 1:4 Tutor to Coder Kids ratio ensure your Coder Kids achieve their goals


Over four dozen Coder Kids Coding and Robotics courses available on-demand


Coder Kids Achievement Conferences provide detailed reports on your Coder Kids achievements

In creating games, apps and websites with their own code and at their own pace, Coder Kids learn strategies for analyzing, designing, and collaborating — essential skills for the 21st century. 


Coder Kids courses combine our tutor-guided, self-paced curriculum with collaborative group learning sessions. Our 1:4 Tutor to Coder Kid ratio ensures your Coder Kid receives the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals. Our course modules are designed to be completed in about 8 hours of coding, or one to two months, depending on how often your Coder Kid joins us at the studio. After the completion of a course module, your Coder Kid can choose to continue with the follow-on course module, or elect to try something new. 

At Coder Kids we take pride in our cutting edge curriculum that stays abreast of changes in technology so that your Coder Kid is engaged with fresh challenges. We have over four dozen courses to challenge and inspire your Coder Kids and every month Don and his team of Coder Kids Product Engineers add more courses to the Coder Kids course catalogue. At Coder Kids our courses are always available on-demand- your Coder Kids can start any Coder Kids course at any time. This flexibility means that your Coder Kids can start their courses whenever they are ready and never have to wait for their favorite courses to be offered- we are always ready for their next challenge.  

At Coder Kids we are oriented on achievement and learning practical skills. We include as part of our membership in the Coder Kids Community a periodic Coder Kids Achievement Conference every two months for a 15-20 minute checkpoint and update on your Coder Kids' achievements. At the Coder Kids Achievement Conferences we will provide you Coder Kids Achievement Reports detailing the course objectives your Coder Kids have achieved and how these Coder Kids course objectives map to the Computer Science Teachers Association K-12 Computer Science Standards. Coder Kids Achievement Reports are also useful references for teachers and guidance counselors in understanding your Coder Kid's coding knowledge and abilities. In addition to the Achievement Conferences, we are always available at the studio if you ever want to stop by to chat about how we can help your Coder Kid.


Coder Kids Courses

Build Foundation

Coding foundations

Coder Kids learn computer science concepts like sequences, conditionals, loops, and functions through a series of fun and interactive exercises on the Kodables platform. No reading experience is required. Grades K - 2.

Scratch Coding

Our customized curriculum expands on the Scratch platform to engage Coder Kids in coding activities that reflect their unique interests. Coder Kids learn to design, implement and test their own animations, stories and games. Grades 1 - 8.


Game Builder

Python coding in minecraft

Coder Kids learn how to create their own code that enables them to teleport, build game artifacts, and add fun effects to their characters. No previous Python experience required. Grades 3 - 8.

Java coding in minecraft

Coder Kids code in Java on day one, with a focus on creating mods that add new recipes, items, armor, tools, and blocks to their games. Grades 3 - 8. 

roblox coding

ROBLOX provides a great way for Coder Kids to learn about video game creation, including creating their own characters and game artifacts, employing scripting logic in their games, and making their games interactive and social. Grades 3 - 8. 

Virtual Reality coding

Coder Kids learn how to create their own world using Daydream, Google’s VR platform. Coder Kids program their worlds using the C++ programming language and Unity, a 3D game engine used to create projects that can be shared on almost any Android device. Grades 3 - 8. 


Robotics Coding

Scratch Robotics

Coder Kids solve problems like engineers, using motors, sensors, and code to move their robots across around the studio. Coder Kids complete a series of projects, including making their robot play a song, navigate a maze and use its sensors to detect and react to obstacles. Grades K - 2.

Advanced Robotics Lego EV3 Mindstorm

Coder Kids build and program their own robots using the Lego EV3 Mindstorm Robotics Kit. Coder Kids robotics program teaches robotics concepts of sensors, environmental navigation, and human-robot interaction. Grades 3 - 8.

Coding Drone Robotics 

Coder Kids learn how to program and fly their own drones. In programming their drones to complete a series of missions, Coder Kids develop an understanding of how drones are used in industry. Grades 3 - 8.

Raspberry Pi Python coding

This course explores advanced Python topics including sets, dictionaries and classes. Coder Kids create projects to develop skills in UI creation, digital music production and the Internet of Things. Grades 4 - 8. 


App Builder

iOS App Maker

Coder Kids create their own iOS mobile apps using the Swift programming language. Coder Kids learn to add and manipulate user interface elements and how to control these using constraints and coding logic. Grades 3 - 8.

Android App Maker

Coder Kids learn how to make their own Android apps using MIT’s App Inventor software. Coder Kids are able to take their custom mobile apps home and load them on any Android device so that they can show off their creations. Grades 3 - 8.

Web Master

Coder Kids learn how to employ an advanced responsive web design through a hybrid app model so that with only a single code base their web apps have a great look and feel on both desktop and mobile devices. Grades 3 - 8. 

Web App maker

Building on skills developed in Web Design, Coder Kids learn about the coding languages and technologies used to connect their user interfaces to backend services such as PHP and SQL.  Grades 4 - 8. 



Data Science for coders

Building on their Python skills, Coder Kids learn to employ Python libraries like Pandas, Matplotlib, Numpy, and other tools used by data scientists in industry today. Grades 4 - 8.

Coding Cryptography in python

Coder Kids learn about how to use computers to code and decode secret messages. Coder Kids use their Python skills to code ciphers from throughout the history of cryptography and learn about the techniques that are commonly used to break secret codes.  Grades 4 - 8. 


Coder Kids use modern Cybersecurity tools like Metasploit and Kali Linux to learn how computers and networks are secured. Our Cybersecurity courses teach our Coder Kids the ethics of good digital citizenship. Grades 7 - 8. 

Blockchain coding

Coder Kids build their first Blockchain application while learning the transformative power of this new technology. Coder Kids learn to use Blockchain to create a digital identity, provide proof of ownership for digital content and ensure the that online transactions are trusted and secure. Grades 4 - 8. 

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Coder Kids use the Python libraries SciKit Learn, PyTorch, and MxNet to train computers to read handwritten messages, identify animals in pictures and solve their own machine learning problems with neural networks, decision trees and bayesian networks. Grades 4 - 8. 


Core Pro

Coding Python

In developing their own programs and games, Coder Kids employ the PyCharm Python editor to create their own Python files, run and debug their code, and experiment with Python Console. Grades 4 - 8.  

coding JavaScript

Coder Kids go in-depth with JavaScript to get full understanding of how this scripting language works, and how to use it to build modern applications. Grades 4 - 8. 

coding C++

Using C++, Coder Kids write code that is object-oriented, high performance and optimized for embedded systems and video game design. Coder Kids are learn advanced Computer Science topics including memory handling, pointers and object-oriented design principles. Grades 6 - 8.

coding Java

Our Java course explores the world of object-oriented programming, providing Coder Kids with a thorough understanding of how to build Java applications from the ground up. Coder Kids gain the experience they need to excel as developers for a wide variety of applications. Grades 6 - 8.

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NextGen Pro

coding Solidity

Solidity is a contract-oriented programming language used for writing smart contracts on blockchain platforms. In this course, Coder Kids learn how to use Solidity to write programs that create an authoritative record of transactions. Grades 6 - 8. 



A.P. Computer Science Prep

A.P. Computer Science Prep is the capstone course at Coder Kids. Offered as a twice-weekly two-year course or intensive 8-week Summer Camp course, A.P. Computer Science Prep prepares the most advanced Coder Kids for successful mastery of their high school A.P. Computer Science course.  Grades 7 - 8. 


Coder Kids Achievement Certificates

Coder Kids build their computing skills by completing their projects with their own code and at their own pace.

To recognize and celebrate Coder Kids for their achievements, Coder Kids can earn certificates that testify to the skills they have worked hard to achieve. Accompanying each personalized certificate is an explanation of the skills mastered for each course belonging to the certificate track and how these skills map to the Computer Science Teachers Association K-12 Computer Science Standards. This way your Coder Kid's accomplishments are also easily shared with their educators, coaches and counselors.