Introduction to Minecraft Mod in Java

Coder Kids create mods and watch as their code changes their Minecraft world! Our course introduces Coder Kids to one of the cornerstone programming languages, Java, in an environment they already love. 

New to Minecraft? Enroll now! Our course is designed to fine-tune to the experience level of the Coder Kid.   

Ages: 7 - 13

Course Objectives


  • Internalize a basic understanding of object oriented programming principles including classes, inheritance, and encapsulation

  • Use Eclipse IDE to organize, develop, build, and debug code

  • Design Minecraft mods that add new items, wearbles, recipes, and entities to the game

  • Design new items, blocks,  and character skins for their Minecraft items

  • Use Java control statements to control their Minecraft mods

  • Write reusable code that can be used across multiple Minecraft mods

  • Design their ideas on paper before implementing them in code

  • Deploy their Minecraft mods so that they can be shared with their friends

  • Apply all of these concepts in a final project mod

What's Next?

Once Coderkids complete Introduction to Minecraft Mod in Java, they are encouraged to start Introduction to Web Design.

Advanced Minecraft courses will be introduced in early 2017. Stay tuned!