Question: How do you organize diapers?

Where do you put diapers and wipes in nursery?

Under Crib Storage

One option for storing extra diapers and wipes is to use storage bags to slide underneath of the crib. There are many options that can match the colors of the nurseries.

How do you organize extra diapers and wipes?

One baby room organization idea is to use a dresser in place of the changing table. Simply put a changing pad on top of the dresser, then use the drawers for storing diapers, wipes, creams, and baby clothes. It’s a great way to save space and still have the furniture you need!

How do you store opened diapers?

Pampers recommends keeping diapers in an “area protected from extreme heat and humidity.” The company also recommends a storage area that’s 85°F (29.4°C) or less. Too much heat can melt the adhesive tape on disposable diapers, causing less stickiness.

Can you store diapers in the garage?

When storing diapers be sure to keep them in an air tight, climate controlled environment. You don’t want to keep them in a storage unit that is not climate controlled or a garage. It is best to store them off the ground and in their original package.

What is the point of a diaper caddy?

The main purpose of a diaper caddy is to have easy access to all necessary items when changing your baby. Diaper caddies are a great option to organize baby changing items in a somewhat stationary place in the home or the car.

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