Our Journey

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Cecilia Hahn

Cecilia is the founder of Coder Kids. Combining her passion for computer science and experience as a mother, Cecilia founded Coder Kids to address the growing need for children to learn the key 21st century skills of coding and creative problem solving with technology.  

When not busy with launching her new business, Cecilia enjoys spending time with her daughter and volunteering as a mentor for future women software engineers.  

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholar
  • Security Engineer at Fortune 500 company
  • Technical Consultant for software startup

don polaski

Don is the mastermind of the Coder Kids curriculum. A Harvard data scientist twice-published in Nature, Don heads a team of computer scientists and technologists developing programs that will revolutionize technology education for children. 

Outside of Coder Kids, Don prides himself as the number one Buffalo Bills fan in DC. 

  • Eagle Scout
  • Phi Beta Kappa Scholar
  • Data Scientist