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Coder Kids express their creativity with digital tools, learn computing skills they can apply everyday, and are inspired with a passion for technology that brings advantages for life.

In creating apps, games, and websites with their own code and at their own pace, Coder Kids learn strategies for analyzing, designing, and collaborating — essential skills for the 21st century.

Our mission at Coder Kids is to provide an experience that far exceeds playing video games or taking one-time or short-term courses. 

Our Coder Kids curriculum optimizes the individual learning experience. Since our Coder Kids learning sessions are self-paced, Coder Kids who have no experience with coding do not feel overwhelmed or as if they are immediately falling behind. Each course is equipped with exploratory learning sections and projects that enable Coder Kids to create apps, games, stories and animations at a pace that suits them. For our more advanced Coder Kids, our courses are designed to enable them to pursue the deeper challenges that pique their interests. Since the Coder Kids catalogue of more than four dozen courses is always available on-demand, once our Coder Kids complete a course they can immediately start on their next one without delay.

At Coder Kids we offer a 4:1 Coder Kid-Tutor ratio to ensure your Coder Kids receive the guidance and support they need to achieve their goals. Our tutors are experienced coders and include Computer Science PhD and Master's candidates who are all experts with the coding languages and platforms we teach at Coder Kids.

One of our primary passions at Coder Kids is to help girls become engaged in STEM. Our Coder Kids curriculum and tutors enables our Coder Kid girls and boys to gain the skills, confidence, and inspiration that will serve them as the bedrock foundation for their pursuits of their passions in technology throughout their educations and careers. Understanding the vital importance of role models and mentors, fully half of our Coder Kids tutors are women.   

At Coder Kids we are passionate about community. Coder Kids publish their work on the Coder Kids community forum where they can collaborate with the peer coders and give and receive feedback. At the completion of a course, Coder Kids are invited to celebrate their work and build fellowship with their parents, friends, family, and Coder Kids at our quarterly Coder Kids SEED events.

Whether our Coder Kids become artists, engineers, entrepreneurs or anything in between, Coder Kids will be able to use their Coder Kids knowledge as they build the future of their dreams. 

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