How do you baby proof an open kitchen?

How can I make my baby kitchen safe?

Keep knives, forks, scissors, and other sharp tools separate from “safe” kitchen utensils, and in a latched drawer. Keep foods that could cause choking, such as beans, carrots or nuts, out of reach. Use placemats instead of tablecloths. Children can pull on tablecloths causing hot food and drinks to fall.

How do you baby proof open shelves?

Plastic latches are the most affordable option, while magnetic locks will be a bit more of an investment. You might even want to go all-out and baby proof the corners of the furniture. An easy way to do this is to use some old towels to wrap the edges. Just cut them to the size you need and tape them to the shelf.

How do you baby proof an open floor plan?

Baby Proofing Your Open Concept Space

  1. Keeping Cords and Cables Out of Reach. …
  2. Securing Tip-prone Furniture. …
  3. Making Outlets Unaccessible. …
  4. Securing Power Surge Protectors and Power Strips. …
  5. Preventing TVs from Tipping.

How does a stove guard help childproof a kitchen?

15. How does a stove guard help childproof a kitchen? It blocks heating units.

How do I block TV stand from baby?

If possible, keep any wires for your electronics in the back of your entertainment stand. Invest in cord covers, which bundle the wires together and can adhere to the wall or floor to keep them out of reach. Cover corners. Once baby is mobile, sharp corners on furniture become more of a danger than a design element.

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How do you cover bookshelves?

The same materials used as drapes and for curtains works for covering bookshelves. Hang fabrics in loose formats or pull things tight and staple the fabric to the edges of the case for a flat look, covering the shelves, the back or the frame of the bookcase.