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Coder Kids™ is a self-paced, in-person program dedicated to providing computer science education to children while creating a community of learners. 

Through the aid of committed tutors who not only provide educational support, but also serve as role models, students, known as “Coder Kids”, complete one of four dozen on-demand courses at their own pace.  

While online classes often fail to produce real results, classes in the Coder Kids™ studio enable students to find the motivation missing from programs without personal support.  

With the desire to welcome students of all backgrounds regardless of previous experience, Coder Kids™ provides the perfect opportunity for families seeking a flexible computer science class.

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Innovative curriculum

Designed for families who require flexibility, Coder Kids™ provides a unique way for kids to learn about computer science. Coder Kids™ guides students as they complete a self-paced course of their choice. 

Students challenge themselves with courses like Python Coding in Minecraft, Scratch Coding, Advanced Drone Robotics Coding and iOS App Maker, among many others.  

The courses largely focus on exploratory learning and welcome students of all experience levels. Coder Kids™ requires no entry exam and is dedicated to helping every child learn. 

Flexible scheduling

The Coder Kids™ studio is open Monday-Friday from 2pm- 8pm and Saturdays from 9am-3pm. Learning sessions are 50 minutes in length and are selected at the beginning of each membership enrollment, though schedules can be altered up to a week in advance. 

Unlike other structured programs, Coder Kids™ allows families to find the optimal time during the week for them instead of a prescribed class date and time.  

Students are encouraged to attend sessions twice a week, but that choice is completely in the hands of families.  Coder Kids™ offers three membership plans: a four month membership for $269/month, a six month membership for $249/month, and an annual membership for $219/month. 

Computer science tutors

What makes Coder Kids™ truly unique is the 1:4 tutor to Coder Kid ratio.  With such a low ratio comes special attention and dedicated help unmatched in other computer science programs.  Not only do tutors offer support unavailable in online classes, they also serve as positive role models for the students.  As computer science is an ever-evolving field and programming becomes a vital skill in today’s global market, the benefits of having mentors cannot be underestimated.  

All tutors have a strong computer science background, have experience teaching children and are cleared through state and national agency background checks. Code Kids tutors receive a four-day training to master the Coder Kids curriculum and to learn the most effective ways of tutoring children. 

Coder Kids™ provides a creative community and individual based platform designed to support each young student’s desire to learn today and lead tomorrow.


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