Mobile Apps

Dreaming of creating your own iOS app? This course teaches the fundamentals of Swift, the programming language used to build macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS applications. Using the Swift Playgrounds app, an app designed by Apple for young learners, CoderKids solve puzzles and build their own creations. 

Ages: 10 - 13

Course Objectives

Coder Kids: 

  • Work independently on iPads 

  • Learn coding fundamentals such as functions, loops, conditional code, variables, operators and more

  • Solve puzzles in an interactive world that changes instantly by the code they create

  • Advance to tougher challenges as they progress through the course

  • Independently find bugs in their code

  • Design and implement their own creations based on iPad technologies like Multi-Touch interactions, accelerometer and gyroscope

What's Next?

Once Coderkids complete the Introduction to Swift course, they are encouraged to start Intro to Minecraft Mod in Java!

Advanced Swift courses will be introduced in early 2017. Stay tuned!